About us

Private enterprise «AKSI – Company» is based in 2000 and initially specialized on manufacture of natural food colorant. The basis for success was the production of high quality products, competitive with European analogues.
Having occupied a considerable part of the market of Ukraine and having seen perspective of the further development, in 2008 the innovative center has been created. Center specialists have successfully assimilate the experience and technology of meat flavors and the industrial spice mixes, on a method encapsulation and microcapsulation.
Implementation of the project – was the creation in 2009 of new manufacture of industrial spice mixes and flavors for the meat industry .Opening of a new line has taken place in 2011. Simultaneously with it, the industrial-control laboratory on raw materials and finished goods control has been created.
At present in our company 3 blocks work:

  • Manufacture of additives for the meat industry-

  • Innovatively – technological center including a line on manufacture of sausage products-

  • Industrial-control laboratory-

For today AKSI – Company represents the modern developed manufacture with a command of the skilled professionals, cooperating with tens leading enterprises of Ukraine.

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